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Dec 23, 2022 ·  · Maria de Undermonkeys · No Comments

Our Christmas plans

The favorite moment of our monkeys has arrive and it’s time to look for the most fun plans to do with them.

We want to leave you here some ideas that we love to do during Christmas holidays.

  1. Visit a Christmas market. We have the traditional Santa Llúcia market in Barcelona very close, and we love going to visit it and adding pieces from its stalls to our tree or nativity scene.
  2. Go to a Christmas function. Visiting a theater to attend a Christmas show and sing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs is one of our favorite plans.
  3. Make and decorate gingerbread cookies. From the moment all the ingredients are bought until they come out of the oven, so many things happen, and what we like the most is being filled all over with flour! Here we leave you a recipe that we follow.
  4. Go to the mountain. What is more Christmassy than seeing the snow? In addition, the first times of the little monkeys in the snow are moments to always remember. Don’t forget your camera and smile!
  5. One of the moments that we remember with the most enthusiasm is visiting the royal pages, giving them the letter and a souvenir photo.
  6. Go and experience the parade of the three wisdom men, because we enjoy it as much as our kids do and the candy has to be shared between kids and adults. What is your favorite wisdom man?
  7. Movie day, pajamas and blanket on. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
  8. And above all, spend a lot of time playing on the floor all together, build that train, play with dolls, try the new board games and enjoy time together.

Do you have more plans to propose? We are all ears!


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