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Blue Vichy

The chicest swimsuits, resistant to the sun and chlorine. The blue vichy print is available for the whole family. It is part of our collaboration with GUILLERMINA BAEZA.

Baby boy blue vichy swimsuit 39,95
Blue vichy men’s swimsuit 79,95
Blue vichy swim top 29,95
Blue vichy boy’s swimsuit 45,95
Blue vichy swimming briefs 29,95
Blue vichy one-piece swimsuit 49,95
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Hindu Flower

A very hippie-chic print. Available for little monkeys and papa monkey. Resistant to sun and chlorine. It is part of our collaboration with GUILLERMINA BAEZA.

Baby boy Hindu flower swimsuit 39,95
Hindu flower swim briefs 29,95
Hindu flower men’s swimsuit 79,95
Hindu flower boy swimsuit 45,95
Hindu flower swim top 29,95
Hindu Flower Swimsuit 49,95
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Bambula Organic Cotton

Cozy and pleasant like no other. Our organic cotton bambula classics are the must-have of each season for the whole family.

Bambula Women’s Short Sleeve organic cotton pyjama 65,95
Bambula Organic cotton Baby’s romper 35,95
Bambula Organic Cotton short sleeve pyjamas 45,95
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Vichy Light Blue

The renewed classic. A vichy square that looks great on children and adults alike. Take the romper to the street. They’re super cute!

Thin Organic Cotton

The coolest and lightest. With the option of a strapless top that you won’t want to take off.

Thin men’s short sleeve pyjamas 65,95
Thin Women’s Braces Organic Cotton Pyjamas 65,95
Thin organic cotton Baby’s romper 35,95
Thin organic cotton brace pyjamas 45,95
Thin organic cotton short sleeve pyjamas 45,95
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Yellow Stripe

Flattering and summery. Play using it at home and on the street.


Fresh and very feminine, voile sets are ideal for this summer. Wear it on the street or at home, as you prefer.

Sleeveless voile romper 35,95
Voile sleeveless pyjamas 45,95
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Sailor Stripe

A timeless basic with a touch of fluorescent yellow. Enjoy the most seaworthy summer.

Sailor Stripe Men’s Swimsuit 59,95
Sailor Stripe Bikini briefs 25,95
Sailor Stripe Swimsuit 49,95
Sailor stripe boy’s swimsuit 39,95
Sailor Stripe swim top 25,95
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Yellow Stripe

The cutest stripe to go with mom.


The most fun and ideal print. Matching dad with kids.

Submarines Men’s Swimsuit 59,95
Submarines swim bikini bottom 25,95
Submarines Swim Top 25,95
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