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Feb 12, 2022 · · · Maria de Undermonkeys · No Comments

What is organic cotton?

You’ve heard a lot about organic cotton, sustainable cotton, BCI cotton, recycled cotton, natural cotton,… but what is each of them? And which one to choose?

Next, we summarize it for you.

Natural cotton

Cotton is always natural, it is a natural vegetable textile fiber, so by definition it is a natural fiber. Being told that it is natural cotton does not contribute with anything, since it always is.

Sustainable cotton

Sustainable cotton is produced in a more environmentally friendly way. For example, less water than usual has been used in its care. Within the sustainable fabrics we find recycled cotton, BCI cotton and organic cotton. All 3 are cottons that, for different reasons, are more respectful of nature and do not compromise the future development of the planet.

1.Recycled cotton

Recycled cotton gives a second life to used cotton garments or production remains. Old cotton clothes are turned into cotton fibers and threads to weave new clothes. Great right?

2.BCI Cotton

The BCI cotton (Better cotton initiative) is an initiative that includes cotton producers who follow a series of good behaviors:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of cotton production
  • Use water efficiently and take care of water availability
  • Take care of the health of the soil
  • Conserve natural habitats
  • Take care and preserve the quality of the fiber
  • Promote decent work

3.Organic cotton

Organic cotton comes from certified organic farming. This cotton has not used pesticides, insecticides or any other toxic substances to grow. And, consequently, it has not undergone any process of genetic alteration. Therefore, it is ecological, natural and sustainable.

By not using pesticides or herbicides in its cultivation, it respects the environment, protects the land and its workers and is a more respectful fabric with our skin.

In summary, cotton is a very good choice for your clothes, but it is even better if you choose a sustainable cotton. Our planet will thank you.

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